How to Care for a New Sod Lawn

Ever wonder how to care for new sod? There are a couple of rules to abide by to maintain fresh sod, most notably proper moisture and aeration. Learn how to properly care for your new sod lawn so that it remains healthy and lush for years to come!

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How Much Should I Water New Sod?

How much should I water my new sod? A regular watering schedule is necessary when it comes to freshly installed sod. This is important in order to establish healthy and strong roots. If you have planted sod in the summer, you will want to water multiple times a day to prevent drying and shrinking. A rule of thumb is to always have moisture present for the first two weeks following the installation while continuing to water for two more weeks in order to ensure the grass doesn’t dry up.

That said, you will always want to be mindful of overwatering. Since new sod has such a short root system, overwatering it will prevent oxygen from reaching them. It is best to water multiple times in short intervals. If you check the soil under the new sod and it’s still waterlogged after five minutes, you can take this as a sign that you might be overwatering.

How Long Should I Water New Sod?

How often should I water new sod? In regards to the length of time for watering new sod, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you should do is water for a solid 45 minutes directly following the installation of fresh sod. This will allow both the sod and the soil to collect the necessary moisture, which is necessary for root development and growth.

When creating a watering schedule in the days following new sod – you should be aiming for 15-20 minutes at a minimum of three times a day. If you are watering on any days that are particularly windy, dry, or hot – you’ll want to increase the length of watering time.

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In the next two weeks, you will want to cut back watering to once or twice daily but double the amount of time that you watered during the weeks prior. This better allows the roots to take hold of the soil and penetrate deep into the earth. You will know the roots are taking hold when you can no longer easily lift up the piece of sod. 

Enter week four – you can draw back the watering schedule to once a day, and you can even afford to miss a couple and it won’t be the end of the world. But, during the first six months you will want to stick to a consistent watering schedule.

How Long Does it Take New Sod to Root?

When looking at the length of time your newly installed sod takes to root, you can expect to wait 10-14 days following the application. This also marks the point in time that you’ll want to mow your new sod. But make sure you set your mower to the highest level you can so you don’t mow too close to the root.

You will always want to avoid walking on the new sod as this can delay and prevent roots from developing. Keep in mind that if you installed the sod during the winter months, you will need at least a month for the roots to properly be established before mowing.

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What is the Best Time of Day to Water New Sod?

The ideal time to water your new sod is early in the morning and late in the evening.

This is recommended because watering during the hottest portion of the day can actually cause the water to evaporate rather than soak in.

But you will also want to water in the early to mid-afternoon time for the first two weeks following a new install.

Should I Fertilize New Sod?

Even though your beautiful new sod is lush and green you should consider implementing a robust fertilization regimen.

This will assist in the creation of a healthy and sustainable root system that will keep your new lawn green and fertile for years and years.

When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer – liquid works best for fresh sod as it better penetrates the earth’s surface which in turn conditions the soil below.

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