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Near the top of every homeowner’s dream list is an entry for that perfect lawn. A lush green expanse of perfect blades that stand out on your street and is ideally the envy of all your neighbours. But how do you achieve such perfection? If you go it alone, you’re committing to hours upon hours of watering and weeding. And isn’t that time that could be better spent with your family or tending to the hobbies you love? That’s why when people want backyard landscaping in Markham and affordable landscaping in Markham, they call Ontario Quality Landscaping. 

Whether you need an inspired new dream garden, a brand new lawn for the kids to roll around on, or some other opulent landscaping feature that your heart desires, our crew of experienced and professional landscapers is up to the task. If you need the best landscaping in Markham, look no further, because you’ve found your go-to company with Ontario Quality Landscaping.

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Markham Landscaping Services

Many homeowners don’t have the time or patience to grow new grass from seed. As we said before, it takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why so many people prefer sodding services in Markham. It’s instant gratification. In as little as one day, you can go from a lawn that’s bald, patchy, and embarrassing to a lawn that’s thick, green, and healthy-looking.

Ontario Quality Landscaping will walk you through every step of the sodding installation process so you pick the right type of your grass for your space and climate. And not only will your home be more enjoyable, but you’ll increase your home’s resale value. Prospective buyers love pulling up to a possible new home and seeing a finely manicured lawn. 

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Are you looking for a way to elevate the look of your backyard or driveway? Interlocking brick could be the perfect solution for your home. It’s anti-slip, which means even if it gets wet, the kids can run around without worry. It’s quick to install. Unlike concrete or asphalt, interlocking brick is a breeze for the professionals at Ontario Quality Landscaping to install for you.

And if you want something that lasts, there’s nothing more durable than interlocking brick, which is proven to be able to stand up to the harsh snow and ice of Canadian winters. Interlocking brick is also great for the environment, providing proper water drainage while minimizing runoff and flooding risks around your home’s foundation.

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Lawn Care Services in Markham

If you finally have the perfect lawn that you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to take care of it with a proper irrigation system. If you’re serious about great backyard landscaping in Markham then you’ll need to consult the certified irrigation professionals at Ontario Quality Landscaping about our sprinkler and drip irrigation solutions.

From our first consultation, we’ll work closely with you to develop the perfect installation plan to minimize any interruptions to your existing landscaping. We’re serious about proper irrigation and we’re here to help you do it right! 

Why Choose Us for Landscaping in Markham 

Why waste your summer taking care of your lawn when you can hire the knowledgeable and friendly professionals at Ontario Quality Landscaping to do all of the work for you? It’s time you started enjoying your home. Whether you want a perfect garden, a new lawn, or something extra special—our team of certified landscapers can get the job done for you. Call us today to get your estimate and book a consultation. Let’s grow something great together!