Landscaping Services North York

The first step in keeping your lawn looking healthy and weed-free is calling the experts at Ontario Quality Landscaping. We provide total sodding and lawn care solutions that will keep your lawn looking lush and full all season long.

Landscaping North York

after sodding installation to backyard garden


One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the look of your landscaping is sod. This allows you to create the look of a well-maintained and carefully manicured lawn. The sod is placed over the dirt in your yard in precisely cut squares and rectangle sections so it fits your lawn perfectly. 

Unlike waiting on grass seed, sodding offers instant results. You can also begin to use your lawn almost immediately allowing you to enjoy your favourite summer activities uninterrupted. Ontario Quality Landscaping offers professional and knowledge sod installation and maintenance services that will make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.

Benefits of Sod Installation North York

There are countless benefits of choosing sod over grass seed. As we have already mentioned, you can have your lawn ready for use in a matter of hours. 

But there are many other great benefits of sod too: 

Quick lawn establishment – Seeding can take months to mature and establish. This is if wind, erosion, and foot traffic doesn’t destroy your efforts. That’s why so many homeowners choose sod for its instant results. 

Healthier lawn – Grass seed can be patchy and require several seedings to get the results you want. Sod is grown in carefully monitored conditions so you get a healthy and ready-to-use lawn that is free from weeds and pests. 

Budget and environmentally friendly – The only thing you need to do once your sod is installed is water it regularly for the next two weeks. Grass seed requires a higher level of maintenance with water, fertilizers, and repairs due to erosion.

stunning front yard landscaping project
sodding project for the front yard

Landscaping Contractors in North York 

To create a beautifully landscaped lawn, you want one of the best landscaping companies in North York. Ontario Quality Landscaping specializes in creating an outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle and design goals. We use interlocking stone that adds sophistication and value to your home. 

Benefits of Interlocking Brick 

  • Wide selection of colours, patterns and textures
  • No need to repave because of lifetime guarantee
  • Enhances overall look of landscape
  • Easily remove damaged or stained stones with a new one
  • Work as a driveway, walkway or pool decking

Add a new dimension to your landscape with interlocking stones that reduce your maintenance and provide you with years of stunning and affordable curb appeal.

Lawn Care Services in North York

It’s time to keep your lawn looking healthy with the help of North York landscaping services like Ontario Quality Landscaping. We ensure that all elements of your landscaping are well maintained and working properly. We do regular inspections of your sprinkler and irrigation systems as well as complete installation and repair services. 

With spring and fall clean-up services, we can do a full inspection of your sprinkler and drip irrigation systems so you can ensure that your lawn stays beautiful and green all year round. We make sure that your system is fully protected in the winter and ready for use again in the spring.

sodding landscaping for the front yard of the house

Why Choose Landscaping in North York 

To keep your lawn looking great, trust the experts at Ontario Quality Landscaping North York. We provide full lawn and landscaping solutions that keep your outdoor space looking healthy and well-managed all season long. Give us a call today to discuss your lawn care needs.