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Have you always dreamed of pristine, emerald grass that’s weed-free? Have you pondered creating an elaborate plant display full of colourful flowers and simplistic trees? Or what about building a front, wrap-around porch? At Ontario Quality Landscaping, we offer all of this and more!

If you need lawn care services in Thornhill, then you’re in luck, because we’ve now expanded our services to this location after serving the GTA for four years. Contact us to learn more about what we do and why your lawn is in trusted hands when you choose us.

Sodding Services in Thornhill

If you want an impeccably green lawn, then you should consider sodding. But what is sodding? Sod is made up of ready-made grass. So, if your lawn lacks grass, then this is a great option, as the grass is already lush with a root system. We transport it to your home and carefully apply it to your lawn. 

Now, don’t confuse sodding with seeding. While sodding is more expensive, it’s the best option, as the grass’ roots will take to your lawn’s soil quicker than waiting for the seeds to produce blades of grass. Replacing sod can help manage heat and it can reduce the need for watering. So, not only will your lawn look breathtaking, but you’ll be saving on your water bill too.

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Interlocking Services Thornhill

While asphalt is a common material used for driveways, the interlocking method can add a sense of uniqueness. For interlocking in Thornhill, we offer custom services, so the bricks that are used can be accurately aligned with what you desire.

Another reason you’ll benefit from this service is that the installation is minimal, as is the upkeep. All it takes is switching up the pattern or colour of your driveway to give your home a newer feel.

Lawn Care Services Thornhill 

Just like you clean and attend to the inside of your house, your lawn deserves the same love and attention. Our lawn care services include irrigation systems, sprinklers, drip irrigation, and even commercial lawn maintenance. Lawn irrigation is a type of watering system that mimics rain. It distributes moisture throughout the air. This can improve the thickness and growth of your grass, especially in drier climates. We also offer drip irrigation, which uses more advanced technology that ensures your lawn gets an even and thorough watering. It releases slower, so it will prevent pooling and over-watering. Also, don’t forget about the sprinklers! If you want to maintain a gorgeous landscape long-term, then our systems are a must. The amount of water dispersed is carefully calculated based on the season, preventing slower growth and brown patches.

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Why Choose Landscaping in Thornhill 

When it comes to landscaping in Thornhill, look no further than Ontario Quality Landscaping. Your lawn will be in good hands with our variety of services: sodding, irrigating, interlocking, decks and fences, and gazebos. Let’s leave people speechless when they see the outside of your house. Give us a call at 647-819-9735 for a free quote.