Landscaping Services Vaughan

The first step in keeping your lawn looking healthy and weed-free is calling the experts at Ontario Quality Landscaping. We provide total sodding and lawn care solutions that will keep your lawn looking lush and full all season long.

Vaughan Landscaping

after sodding installation to backyard garden


To have your lawn looking great quickly and affordably, look no further than our sod services at Ontario Quality Landscaping. We use the most carefully cultivated sod to give your lawn the healthiest and best results. Sod is easily installed over the dirt in your yard with each cut square or rectangle fitted to your lawn’s exact measurements. In just a few hours, you will have a lawn that’s ready for use so you can get back to summer fun. 

Ontario Quality Landscaping provides friendly and knowledgeable sod installation and maintenance services. You can feel confident knowing your sod will look great and grow into a lush and healthy lawn.

Benefits of Sod Installation Vaughan

There are many benefits to choosing sod vs. grass seed. Let’s review some of the reasons you should consider sod for your lawn restoration project. 

Quick lawn establishment – We all know how frustrating it can be to wait on seed to grow. In fact, it can take up to 18 months for seed to fully mature. Sod is ready for you to enjoy the same day. 

Healthier lawn – No one has the time to reseed and fertilize their lawn in hopes that seed will grow. Sod gives you an instant lush, rich looking lawn that is weed and pest free. This is because it’s grown in heavily controlled conditions so you’re only getting the highest quality sod. 

Budget and environmentally friendly – Factor in the time and money to seed and water grass and you’ll see how affordable and environmentally friendly sod can be. Simply water for two weeks after initial installation and watch how your lawn quickly becomes a part of your overall landscape.

stunning front yard landscaping project
sodding project for the front yard

Landscaping Contractors in Vaughan

An architecturally unique landscape is easy with the help of one of our team. To create a beautifully landscaped lawn you want one of the best landscaping companies in Vaughan.

Ontario Quality Landscaping can help you design a stunning landscape for your home that matches your lifestyle and design vision. 

Benefits of Interlocking Brick 

  • Wide selection of colours, patterns, and textures
  • No need to repave due to the lifetime guarantee
  • Enhances the overall look of the landscape
  • Easily remove damaged or stained stones with a new one
  • Work as a driveway, walkway, or pool decking

Add value and curb appeal to your home with interlocking stones.

sodding landscaping for the front yard of the house
sod installation with a new fences

Lawn Care Services in Vaughan 

Creating a well-manicured lawn starts with Ontario Quality Landscaping. We manage all components of your lawn maintenance system including inspecting sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. We also do spring and fall prep services so you can feel confident knowing that your irrigation system will be ready to use when the warm weather arrives.

Why Choose Landscaping in Vaughan

Ontario Quality Landscaping in Vaughan is your premier choice for exceptional lawn care and maintenance. We make it easy to have a healthy lawn. We offer professional and friendly outdoor space solutions that will keep your landscape looking great all year long.