Lawn Maintenance

The first thing a customer or potential client will see when arriving at your commercial property is the lawn, and the first impression formed can’t be erased. Because of this, it’s critical that you take the steps necessary to ensure your commercial lawn maintenance is being handled by a professional team – capable of keeping the area beautiful and impressing your visitors each and every time they return.

Without continual maintenance from an expert team of commercial lawn maintenance specialists, your lawn will become dry, patchy, weedy, and discolored, leading to an unprofessional and undesirable appearance. Thankfully, Ontario Quality Landscaping specialized in commercial landscaping services, making it easier than ever before to maintain a beautiful and professional business exterior without any additional work or worry.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services

Commercial lawn maintenance services require a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail, with the list of services extending well beyond what’s considered necessary. To ensure that you have the professional lawn maintenance support you need, our team offers the following services:

  • Spring Cleaning. It’s important to prep your lawn for the summer months, especially after a long, cold winter. Our spring cleaning services ensure the cleaning of all leaves and debris leftover from the fall and winter months, guaranteeing that nothing prevents your lawn from growing in a thick and healthy manner.
  • Fall Cleaning. Just as important as preparing your lawn for the summer months, our fall cleaning services ensure that your lawn is ready to withstand the cold winter ahead. With a focus on clean-up, including pruning and raking services, your commercial lawn will be ready to stand strong.
  • Lawn Mowing. Our commercial lawn mowing services ensure that your lawn is always rich, lush, green, and cut in a tidy manner.
  • Lawn Care. Our Lawn care services are supplementary to lawn mowing, the two working together to create a beautiful, lush green space. These services include fertilization, aeration, top dressing, dethatching, and any other specific services needed to keep your lawn looking incredible.
  • Turf Enhancement and Upgrades. With seeding services, floral displays, sodding, and mulching services, we’ll bolster the appearance of your lawn year-round.

In addition to these core services, we also offer a set of supplementary services – depending on your specific needs and wants. They include the likes of garbage pickup, parking lot maintenance, garden edging and cultivation, plant maintenance, and more.

Our expert team has years of experience in the space, having worked on a wide variety of projects with an array of different clients. The properties and client types that we’ve become the most familiar with include plazas, condos, apartments, warehouses, factories, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and shopping centers, but we’re more than capable of handling commercial properties outside of these areas.

For commercial property, few things matter more on first impressions than the exterior landscaping. Ontario Quality Landscaping has been servicing clients throughout the Ontario region for years, and our experienced service team is ready to help you with all of your commercial landscaping service needs. To learn more about our services, team, or to request a project quote, contact us today!