Pergolas & Gazebos

An exterior landscape is so important to the aesthetic and appeal of any home. It is emerging as an extremely valuable and desired component in today’s lucrative housing market. 

Your house deserves quality woodworking installations such as gazebos and pergolas. Both options turn boring gardens into relaxing getaways. Homeowners who have decided to turn their Toronto gardens into places to relax and socialize have loved the transformation of their backyard oasis. Ontario Quality Landscaping is specialized in quality woodwork building for years, having serviced clients across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Contact our eco-friendly, expert team to get a free quote and begin installing gazebos and pergolas today.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a roofed outdoor structure. The weather can be enjoyed because of the freedom from the open walls. These structures are typically round, rectangular, or octagonal in shape. Many gazebos also distinguish themselves by having a raised floor. A gazebo is designed to maximize your outdoor living space, transforming a plain garden into a serene backyard vacation. 

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure for the outdoors that consists of a roofing grid of beams and rafters that uses columns for support. Pergolas are larger in scale and sometimes given greater architectural treatment. The tops are flatter and can either attach to a house or be freestanding. Pergolas can be installed on pavements or concrete patios to allow greater flexibility for outdoor furniture and/or grilling equipment to be placed underneath its structure.

laying sod to backyard

Benefits of a Gazebo Installation

Hiring Ontario Quality Landscaping to professionally build a gazebo offers many benefits of installing this outdoor structure. These include: 

  • Enjoyment – Place a roofed structure on your property and create a place of enjoyment for friends and family to gather and socialize during the warm months.
  • Property Value – Your home’s value will rise when you have a secondary structure placed on your property. A professionally built gazebo is a strong selling point and has a great return on investment if you do decide to ever sell your home. 
  • Aesthetics – A gazebo adds beauty and is an aesthetically pleasing addition. Strategically place this structure in your garden to add value to your home’s property.

Benefits of Pergola Installation 

Adding a pergola has its own advantages to benefit from These include:

  • Protection from the Weather – If your garden lacks shade or has little to no protection from concerning weather conditions, a pergola is a solution for you. When paired with climbing plants, these structures offer sufficient protection from the sun and against cold weather.
  • Unsightly Views – Tired of the same boring old view? If you are subject to viewing an unattractive house or an unkempt neighboring garden, it can be off-putting to enjoy your own backyard. The building of a pergola blocks the unappealing view so you can focus your attention and enjoy your own property. 
  • Home Value – A pergola adds value to your home. Its structure creates interest for home buyers and also creates a space for plants and flowers to thrive. In turn, a luscious healthy garden is appealing to the eye. 

Add one of these structures to your home in the GTA for protection from the weather, added value, and a place of comfort that blends seamlessly with your landscape design.

Let’s Get Started

There are many benefits of adding a gazebo to your exterior property. As the perfect landscaping centerpiece for your outdoor space, a custom-built gazebo will provide an incredibly comfortable area for relaxation, hosting, and enjoying the outdoors. Similarly, pergolas are incredibly important features for outdoor spaces keen on being unique. They provide year-round value, making the transition from indoor to outdoor living effortless. From rain and wind protection to sun-shading, a quality-built pergola will be a welcome addition to any yard.

Begin beautifying your Toronto property by creating a new redefined space of comfort by contacting a professional at Ontario Quality Landscaping today. With liability insurance and a five-year warranty on all our services, we are a landscaping company that puts you and your home first! Call us for a free consultation and join the right team to make your dream yard into a  reality!

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The cost of a wood fence will vary greatly depending on the project size and materials used, however, you can estimate each linear foot of fence to cost approximately $15.

If you’re looking to clean your wooden deck, there are a series of steps you’ll want to be sure to follow. They include

  • Pre-rinse your deck – Prior to applying any cleaning products, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse your deck surface.
  • Mix your chosen solution – depending on how dirty your deck is or the result you’re trying to achieve, there are a series of cleaning solutions at your disposal:
    • Warm water – simply applying warm water to a wooden deck will allow you to remove much of the built-up residue that remains visible.
    • Liquid dish soap –  When mixed with warm water, liquid dish soap (ammonia free) can be an incredibly effective deck cleaning solution.
    • Oxygen bleach – This solution is safe for wooden decks and incredibly helpful for removing mold or spores from the wood.
    • Vinegar – Mix a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a ¼ cup of baking soda and 1-gallon of water in an incredibly effective deck cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the grain – Following the cleaning solution application, you’ll need to scrub the deck using a stiff bristle brush. This will help remove dirt, mildew, mold, stains, etc.
  • Rinse thoroughly – Following a deep scrub, you’ll want to rinse off the remaining solution and residue with the help of a power washer or garden hose.

Pressure treated wood is a process that sees preservatives get injected into a piece of lumber, a process that allows the wood to resist both insects and moisture, creating a high-quality, durable alternative to traditional wood.

Absolutely. Pressure-treated wood is kiln-dried, and when the wood is sitting in a dry state, it can be painted or stained the same as any other wooden surface.