Why Get A Lawn Irrigation System

Lawn irrigation systems are becoming an increasingly common tool for any homeowner. These systems are affordable, energy-efficient, and convenient ways to guarantee a luscious green lawn. Advancements in technology have modernized these systems, designed to use the exact right amount of water while reducing any waste that would occur when watering by way of a hose.

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What Is An Irrigation System?

An irrigation system is a way to deliver water and is typically used for agricultural and landscaping purposes. A number of factors can play a role in how successful a system is, including the type of delivery, and the conditions at the time of application.

Types Of Irrigation Systems

Surface Irrigation – this is where water is applied over the soil surface by gravity and is easily the most common type of irrigation worldwide. This practice has existed for thousands of years.

Sprinkler Irrigation – sprinkler or spray irrigation calls for a controlled water application that mimics rainfall. Water is distributed by a network that could consist of pumps, pipes, valves, and sprinklers.

Drip Irrigation – this method directs water to the plant’s roots rather than watering the entirety of the garden. This means any nuisance weeds would get the water they need to thrive, and as a result, you’ll spend less time weeding. Directing water to the roots will also help prevent leaf disease that typically occurs when there’s too much-standing water.

The Benefits Of Irrigation

  • Healthier Lawn – A properly scheduled automatic irrigation system will apply the perfect amount of water to have your lawn thriving healthy. Watering by hose can cause too much water to seep into the soil, which causes nutrients to leach out of the soil and can affect the life cycle. Too much water can also compact the soil which prevents oxygen from getting to roots and can even lead to root disease.
  • Adds Value To Your Home – Investing in an irrigation system is one way to increase your home’s value. Curb appeal plays a large part when trying to sell any property and having beautiful landscaping outside can help improve how attractive the exterior of your house looks to potential buyers. It is estimated that proper lawn care has helped homes sell for 5-15% more than their asking price.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – For starters, an irrigation system will remove the need for hoses and sprinklers to be littering your lawn. A lush green lawn adds colour and no pesky weeds to take away from the overall look of your landscape. An irrigation system creates a uniform and this sense of order is a reflection of the care you put into the inside of your home too.
  • Time-Saving – Water by hand or using a manual sprinkler requires time and effort. With an irrigation system, you won’t have to wake up early and rush home from work to constantly water your lawn. An automated watering schedule in place optimizes water distribution from the premier hours of the day and frees up more time for you to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Efficient Lawn Maintenance – An automated system controls exactly how much water is dispersed so you’ll cut down on your water bill. No more overwatering or underwatering and the flexibility in its range of motion allows for more even, widespread watering.

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