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Your house deserves quality woodworking installations – such as fences, decks, and pergolas – and quality woodworking installations require the support of an experienced, professional team. Ontario Quality Landscaping has specialized in quality woodwork building for years, having serviced clients across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. With the help of high-quality building materials, an industry-leading building approach, and technical expertise, we’ll be able to develop and install the woodworking projects of your dreams.

Custom Woodwork in Toronto

Our custom woodworking solutions mean that no design or project is ever off-limits and that from the moment we begin working with you we’ll focus on crafting a unique, quality installation. From initial design and development to the maintenance that follows, we’ll create strong, resilient, beautiful wooden pieces, priced competitively with the market.

Pressure Treated Wood

lawn getting prepared for the fence installation after installing full privacy fences

When it comes to installing a new fence at your home, there are a variety of considerations you’ll want to work through. Amongst them are fence durability, quality, and longevity, and if those happen to be at the top of your priority list, a pressure-treated fence may be exactly what you need.

Pressure-treated fences are incredibly effective at fending off in-climate weather, infestation, and mildew buildup – assuming you keep up with regular maintenance – meaning that they can last years longer than many of the fence materials alternatives. In addition to the boost in quality, pressure-treated fences are also very receptive to stain, meaning that you’ll be able to customize the color in an endless number of ways, ensuring that it fits perfectly into the atmosphere and aesthetic of your yard.

Decks, Pergolas, Gazebos and More

Beyond deck installation, our team specialized in the design, development, and installation of custom wood decks, pergolas, and gazebos. Our team will be able to work with you each step of the way, regardless of the outdoor space you’re trying to create or the structures you need to complete it. Our three core areas of focus include:

  • Decks. Quality, custom-built decks are crucial for outdoor spaces that want to be used. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, there is a custom deck installation for every home.
  • Pergolas. Pergolas are incredibly important features for outdoor spaces keen on being unique. They provide year-round value, making the transition from indoor to outdoor living effortless. From rain and wind protection to sun-shading, a quality-built pergola will be a welcome addition to any yard.
  • Gazebos. As the perfect landscaping centrepiece for your outdoor space, a custom-built gazebo will provide an incredibly comfortable area for relaxation, hosting, and enjoying the outdoors.
backyard lawn getting prepared for sodding process after sodding process backyard looks more green

There is something to be said about beautiful, professional woodworker installations. They are visually incredible, functional, and improve almost every aspect of outdoor living in the homes they’re installed in.

Ontario Quality Landscaping has been servicing clients with their custom woodworking design and installation services for years, and our experienced team is ready to help you bring your backyard dreams to life. To learn more about our services, team, or to request a project quote, contact us today!

Recent Projects


The cost of a wood fence will vary greatly depending on the project size and materials used, however, you can estimate each linear foot of fence to cost approximately $15.

If you’re looking to clean your wooden deck, there are a series of steps you’ll want to be sure to follow. They include

  • Pre-rinse your deck – Prior to applying any cleaning products, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse your deck surface.
  • Mix your chosen solution – depending on how dirty your deck is or the result you’re trying to achieve, there are a series of cleaning solutions at your disposal:
    • Warm water – simply applying warm water to a wooden deck will allow you to remove much of the built-up residue that remains visible.
    • Liquid dish soap –  When mixed with warm water, liquid dish soap (ammonia free) can be an incredibly effective deck cleaning solution.
    • Oxygen bleach – This solution is safe for wooden decks and incredibly helpful for removing mold or spores from the wood.
    • Vinegar – Mix a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a ¼ cup of baking soda and 1-gallon of water in an incredibly effective deck cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the grain – Following the cleaning solution application, you’ll need to scrub the deck using a stiff bristle brush. This will help remove dirt, mildew, mold, stains, etc.
  • Rinse thoroughly – Following a deep scrub, you’ll want to rinse off the remaining solution and residue with the help of a power washer or garden hose.

Pressure treated wood is a process that sees preservatives get injected into a piece of lumber, a process that allows the wood to resist both insects and moisture, creating a high-quality, durable alternative to traditional wood.

Absolutely. Pressure-treated wood is kiln-dried, and when the wood is sitting in a dry state, it can be painted or stained the same as any other wooden surface.